Why Should You List Your Business in Online Directories

Why Should You List Your Business in Online Directories

Many business owners are unsure about listing their websites within online directories, some don’t see any real value in it, some don’t know where to start, and there is a small number of owners who don’t even know such directories exist.

So, why should I add my business to a directory website?

There are more than one advantages.

Your customers will find your business easier when it is listed in a directory.

Customers trust your business more if it is listed in a directory which has a good reputation. This also gives your website a better reputation. Having your company listed in online directories shows you are a serious about the business you do, especially in the cases it is a human-reviewed and edited directory with strict business entry criteria; only businesses checked and approved by admin are displayed in the directory.

Is listing in a directory good or bad for SEO?

One benefit of a listing in a directory site is that it can provide backlinks to your site. But the bigger benefit is you are creating a new listing for search engines to find it quicker and more easily. If someone is searching for products and services or a company name, your directory listing can appear in the results and help point them back to your site. All this will improve your website’s SEO.

At the same time, do not overdo with SEO submitting your business information in every single directory. This may lead your listing to be bad for SEO. It is advisory to list in directories which are relevant to your business, “niche” specific directories.

Will listings in online directories give your website an instant boost? No, probably not. But this sends right signals to search engines including Google over the longer period.

Online directories are one of the first places buyers look when they need to find a product/service or a supplier.

Does a listing in a business directory help promote your website? The answer is yes. You will get one or more back links for your website as well as you can show your services and products to other business owners and customers who visit the directory. If the directory shares your business information on social media, you will get extra traffic to your website.

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