E-commerce for Small Business 2021

Your E-Shop Companion by Jakob Summers.

An illustrated and practical guide with all the necessary knowledge you will ever need to start your first E-Shop.

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With this easy-to-read manual you will be able to start your first digital adventure with the confidence that only knowledge can offer you.

This is great for:

✓ Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs

✓ Small Business Owners

✓ Website Managers & Digital Marketing Managers

✓ College Students

✓ E-Commerce enthusiasts

The offer:

✔ Easy to Read

✔ Practical Knowledge & Concepts

✔ Advice on How to Build your First E-shop

✔ Simplified E-Commerce Terminology

✔ Digestible Bites of Knowledge

✔ A Priceless E-Shop Companion

✔ Perfect For Small Business Owners & Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs

If E-Commerce is new to you but still want to master the art of selling online, then this book will become your best companion in your next big adventure: Starting your own E-Shop!