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71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England

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Natural. Simple. Beauty. Care. Love.

These five little words drive the team at Lé Luna every day: we want nothing more than to deliver what we care about into your life. Drawing on secrets passed across the generations, Lé Luna’s curated collection takes an international approach, harvesting from time-honoured and innovative methods beloved around the world. What’s more, we know that Mother Nature can provide the path toward ultimate beauty, so we take a dedicated stance on drawing from botanical, organic sources. Looking sublime isn’t enough – we want you to feel it, too.

With a hand-picked choice of incredible products, nobody else can give you the holistic approach that Lé Luna takes. The bespoke range we offer represents what we think matters the most: that everyone has the right to discover their most empowered, confident, and radiant self. To help you achieve this, we blend love, nature and beauty into every choice. We have a dedicated belief that this formulation is key to helping you celebrate your unique, rare, and incomparable beauty.

With us, you can find everything you need to feel your most fabulous. From organic makeup and hair styling to natural moisturisers, body washes and skincare, we’re determined to be there for you. We seek out the insider secrets you should know about so that you don’t have to. Consider Lé Luna your secret best friend. We’re always waiting to help you discover your sense of individuality, and show it to the world.


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