Free vs. Featured Directory Listings in eStoresToday

Free vs. Featured Directory Listings in eStoresToday

You can register your business in our Online Directory if you are a UK e-commerce and online shopping business.

Here we explain the difference between FREE and FEATURED listing packages.

First of all, it is free forever to register your business and list your e-commerce website in our Directory when you choose the Free basic Package. With the Free Package you can create one NOT featured listing, and add an image, clickable website link, business description and your business address to our Directory.

You can read more about the ENTRY CRITERIA on our website, but one very important point is – every website which is displayed in our directory has to have business location written somewhere on their website. Then everybody who finds the website in our directory knows for sure this is a UK website, or a department of an overseas business who does business in the UK.

Next, you may ask why should you pay for the featured listing if it is free forever to add your website with a clickable link to the Directory?

There are actually more than one reasons for choosing one of the Featured Listing packages.

First, you can add much more information about your business and website to the listing – more than one images, social icons, special offers, and possibility to add events.

But the most important feature the featured listing has, is Search Engine Optimisation what you can do yourself very easily together with creating the listing.

Having your listing search engine optimised means there will be more information about your business available in the search result if someone is searching for particular products or services in the World Wide Web. The more information about your business people can find the more trustworthy your business looks.

With SEO you will get get more visitors to your website, you can attract more visitors from social media because you can create an attractive listing for sharing in Facebook and Twitter. So you can increase your readers’ engagement. You can do all this without hiring a SEO professional. You can add keywords and do optimisation, you will be given an advice how to create listing so that Google, Pinterest and other platforms all know exactly what your page is about.

You will also get Google preview for PC and smart phone, you are given a SEO analysis and readability score before your listing goes live.

In addition to that, with the Featured Package you can also do Search Engine Optimisation for your Special Offers and Events.

We are also going to share your Featured Listing(s) on our Facebook Page eStoresToday and in the Facebook Group UK E-commerce & Online Shopping which we manage.

To sum up the explanation above, either you choose a basic Free Listing or one of the Featured Listing packages, it is wise to register your business in our Directory Welcome!


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