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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can List Their Business on eStoresToday Directory?

All businesses submitted to eStoresToday must:

  • have online ordering and secure card payment facilities (exception: businesses and service providers that support and are in connection with ecommerce - example: e-commerce education);
  • have been registered in the UK and have UK address (we also approve international businesses which have UK website and an office/department address in the UK ;
  • contact information (incl. address} needs to be available on the website;
  • website's main language has to be English;
  • take payments in pound sterling.

Can I Add My Affiliate, Franchise or Self-employed Business Website to Your Directory?

Yes, we approve franchise, affiliate, network marketing businesses, and self-employed individuals who only have Etsy, Ebay etc. website in our directory providing you DO NOT use affiliate links, i.e. We only approve if you have created your own website i.e (

This also means that your website has to comply with the same requirements as all the other websites to get approved by admin. Please read: Who Can List Their Business on eStoresToday Directory? Most important is your customers should be able to find out easily that your business locates at least partly in the UK and your products and services are sold to UK customers.


When Buying a Featured Package, Is My Business Guaranteed to be Included in Your Directory?

99% of paid business listing requests are successful and by paying for a listing we guarantee to review and add your web site within 7 days.
We do reserve the right not to list websites that do not meet our entry criteria. We offer a full refund if your request is unsuccessful.

I Signed Up for a Free Package. When will my Listing be Added to Your Directory?

Free Packages are very popular and due to the sheer volume of requests we receive, free listings can take weeks or even months to be reviewed and even then may not necessarily be added to our directory if your website does not meet our entry criteria or we feel it is unsuitable.
By upgrading to a Featured Package, we guarantee to review and add your listing(s) within 7 days (though often just 2-3 days).

I have Created a Listing/Item, Why is It not Displayed on Your Directory Straight Away?

The eStoresToday is a human edited directory which means every single submission we receive is reviewed according to our entry criteria.
This is very important because it ensures the quality of our site is maintained for both visitors and advertisers.

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