How to claim a listing:

  • If you haven’t signed up yet – you can search your website. If your website has been added to our directory, you can claim your business listing by filling in the form with an email address and username.
  • If you signed up first and want to claim your business listing after that – you need to be signed in, then go to the listing page and claim the listing as an active user.

What happens next:

Your request will be sent to admin for approval. Until approval the listing claiming status is ‘Pending approval’. If you are signing up with an email address which isn’t displayed on your website, admin may contact you by email or by phone number found on the website for verification.

After approval you will receive access to the FREE package. If you want to buy FEATURED or one of the FEATURED packages, you can do this on your Profile page.

How eStoresToday sources business information

  • Information from business’s official website found on the Internet – if eStoresTody finds it being useful for people looking for information.
  • Information or recommendation from other people or businesses who are using our services.

We are adding only the very basic information to our directory, if businesses want their website to be noticed and found more easily the listing needs to be claimed.